delille cellars wedding

Hello hello!!  Get ready for awesomeness. 


Adam and Evelyn’s warm and rosy vintage DeLille Cellars wedding was simply delightful, and only made better by the company of their best friend and four-legged groomsman, Windsor.  This adorable Frenchie actually played an important role in Adam’s proposal.  He was wearing a blue polo with “Will you marry me?” written on the back (Windsor, not Adam…) and a fake ring box attached to his collar.  As usual, he ran to great Evelyn at the door when she came home from work.  Soon after, Adam walked in and said “No Windsor, I’m going to marry her!” At this point, Adam gave Evelyn the real ring.


You’ll get to see a few of my favorite wedding moments below, but first I want to share what Evelyn and Adam each had to say about what they loved the most about their big day.


Evelyn said,  “For me, there were a ton of little moments that made the wedding perfect. First our officiant and friend, Elliot’s service and how truly tailored it was to our relationship, to the fact that Adam and I ended up totally winging our vows and they were perfect. The moment from the reception that stands out for me the most was this quiet moment Adam and I had later in the evening. We both grabbed a glass of champagne and just sat and watched all of our family and friends dance, laugh and talk [photo below!]. It was like we were watching it from outside and it gave me an amazing perspective on how truly wonderful the day had been…also there was line dancing…enough said…”


And Adam shared,  “Our friend Nick grabbed the microphone and busted out some karaoke.  What could have been a terrible rendition of ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’ became one of the most memorable moments of the wedding.  It brought everyone to the dance floor and restarted the party.  Diana, one of the bridesmaids, caught the bouquet (in fairly dramatic fashion).  Her boyfriend (and officiant/groomsman) Elliott when asked what he thought about it said, ‘She’s very athletic’.”


These two were such a joy to work with throughout the entire process, especially since they did so much of their wedding planning from their home in Houston, Texas!  So many of their family and friends came through to create this perfect day.  Cousins created the gorgeous flower arrangements and bouquets, aunts came together to make all of the tasty desserts, and their good friend Elliot was not only a groomsman, but also their officiant.  Oh, and I certainly cannot forget to mention that Evelyn’s wedding dress was in fact her grandmother’s wedding dress from 60 years ago, with a little alteration. This was a day that not only brought two families together to celebrate, but also to work together to create the perfect wedding for these two wonderful people.


Much love and big big thanks go out to Adam, Evelyn, their family and all of their fantastic friends for sharing such a great day with me.  Best wishes for a bright and happy future!  xoxo, Amy


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Venue: DeLille Cellars
DJ: They did the music themselves and rented the equipment from Seattle Event Rentals
Dress/Suit Shop: Men’s Wearhouse
Caterer:  Seasoned In Seattle
Linens/Chairs: AA Party Rentals