Meet Alice and Philip, two of the most ambitious, accommodating, and adorable people I’ve ever met. The strange and wonderful thing that strikes me most about these two is that while they’re both incredibly driven and independent, they balance each other perfectly.  I had such an awesome time sharing their wedding day with them and am already excited to seem again in just a few short weeks at Kay Kay and Socrates wedding!!! I had SO many moments and photos that I wanted to post in this blog, but had to cut if off somewhere.  (Be sure to ask Philip or his back up dancers about his amazing mustached dance in the driveway if you get a chance…)  Here we go…

We began our super-fun morning of shooting with the entire bridal party at the Botanical Gardens in Bellevue.  You’ll be able to tell right away that these guys were my kind of people.  They came ready to have fun! There were balloons, letter cut-outs, pom-poms,  goofy sunglasses and most importantly, a big group of people who were more than willing to be a little silly.  I have to say I very rarely have the opportunity to shoot wedding parties who give me 100% participation.  There’s almost always at least one person in the group who doesn’t want to party, but thankfully today was not that day!  You guys were ALL rock stars!

After our garden frivolities we headed out to Covenant Presbyterian in Issaquah where Alice quickly changed into a gorgeous traditional Chinese dress for their tea ceremony.  I had never had the privilege of witnessing a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and was so excited to be there to capture these special moments.

Their wedding followed and was just as special with a fantastic slide show (which I’ve never seen during the ceremony, but was such a cool addition) before Alice walked down the aisle and thanks given by the couple to both families.  In short, I was personally moved, most likely in part because Phil may have shed a few tears and I simply can’t keep it together when grooms cry….)

Thank you so much to Alice and Philip for sharing such a special day.  You are both so beautiful inside and out and I wish you so much happiness, double happiness as it were, for many many years to come.  See you in August!!!!!