Dear fabulous readers, let me just say that I know I have done a poor poor job of keeping this blog up to date. Case in point: today’s post is from Amanda and Ricky’s lovely backyard farmhouse wedding back in September. Guys, I am sorry for the delay. So, due to my extreme tardiness, and in the best respect of time, for the next several posts I am going to relieve you all of my rambling and just get to the beef and taters.  🙂

Amanda and Ricky celebrated their wedding at the beautifully serene Monte Villa Farm House in Bothell and their son Hank (who has got to be hands down one of the most adorable kiddos I’ve ever met) was their to share it with them. Together these three make up THE most wonderfully happy family and it was an absolute pleasure to share the day with them.

Thanks you guys for all the fun and silliness!!!