Hello there!  I figured since my last post featured a couple of Tigers fans, perhaps I should introduce you to some Redsox fans. You may remember these two from one of my favorite engagement shoots this past Spring at Alpental. Well, if you don’t remember them, I’m sure you’ll remember Fenway, their adorable golden retriever. Who could forget that happy mug?!

Amanda and Taylor Rich were married at the beautiful and charming Bybee blueberry Farm at the base of Mt. Si on a gorgeous Summer afternoon.  I have been to a lot of outdoor venues and this has got to be one of the most breathtaking places I’ve seen.  Because of the natural beauty of this place, their decorations were minimal and perfect.  Handmade table runners and patchwork-styled pennants, escort cards attached to ribbon with clothes pins, and lawn games gave the feeling of a relaxed, backyard affair.  Throw in some tasty barbecue and mouth-watering fruit pies and you have all the ingredients you need for a perfect evening in the countryside. 

A very big thank you to Amanda and Taylor for sharing such a gorgeous afternoon with me and to Fenway for the comic relief of carrying around a bridesmaid’s shoe much of the evening.  I was super bummed to hear that I missed out of the crazy after party, but glad to hear that everyone basically left unscathed, minus of course the tiny trip to the ER.  🙂