This past Saturday those of us in Western Washington were treated to one of our rare, perfect Spring days. 55 degrees, no clouds, no snow, no hail.  Absolutely beautiful.  It was on this gorgeous morning that I found myself driving up I-90, blasting the Jackson 5, and realizing that I was a very lucky girl.  Today the engagement session I was off to shoot was going to include this beautiful weather on top of pristine snow, a fantastically fun couple and an adorable, wiggly golden retriever.  What more could I ask for?

I met Amanda and Fenway in North Bend and hopped in their car to meet up with Taylor at Alpental. They’re both avid skiiers and decided the mountain would be the ideal place for their engagement photos. We tossed snow balls for Fenway, made snow angels, and I got to see Taylor glide down the mountain with Amanda on the front of his skis. Don’t be fooled, it’s way harder than it looks. I had so much fun with the three of them and although Taylor admitted to me that he’d been dreading our shoot all week, I think even he’d have to admit we had a pretty great time. Thanks especially for putting up with the seemingly never ending snow angels. 🙂

Amanda and Taylor, thank you so much for coming up with such a fun and personalized idea for your session and taking time out on a gorgeous Saturday morning to play in the snow with me. And for the almond butter rice cake. Mmmm.