snohomish engagement photography

Last Monday on Memorial Day, less than 24 hour hours after returning from a week in California, I awoke at the crack of dawn to head over to the sleepy little town of Snohomish. What, might you ask, was so awesome that I simply had to drag my butt out of bead on a holiday to drive 30 minutes out of town at 8am? Well, actually I suppose the correct question would be Who is so awesome? And the answer is today’s fantastic couple, Amber and Nolan. Amber had wanted a rustic feel for their photos and downtown Snohomish was the perfect choice. With a little luck we even found a gorgeous barn and a beautiful view of the valley. These two are getting married in September and I can only imagine how completely rockin their big day is going to be, I mean seriously, check out those neon heels!  It’s not just anyone who can make tight camo and chartreuse yellow pumps look THAT awesome!  A very big thanks to Nolan and Amber for also waking at sunrise after a long trip to join me for a very fun photo shoot.  You two rock my socks!!  xo, Amy


Amber + Nolan | Snohomish Engagement Photography