Last Wednesday I got to be a part of something awesome.  Touted as a workshop, it was much much more. Something profound and thought-provoking, inspiring and life changing.  Something I hope has forever changed my life for the better.  Yes, I know that this probably all sounds a little dramatic, but it’s the honest truth.

Justin and Mary Marantz are amazing photographers and my heroes.  They are my heroes because they do what I hope to do, which is live their lives wholly, healthy, and completely.  With burning passion and cool charm, they live the dream. My dream, actually.  The dream to do what you love better than most and not lose yourself while doing it. Wednesday, I took one step closer to getting there.

I met J+M, along with a handful of other fantastic female photographers from all over the country, in their South Seattle hotel suite at 9:30am. We were expecting a twelve hour Water For Elephants themed wedding photography workshop. Instead, we were treated to a fourteen hour life workshop.  We talked love, business, balance, sharing, clarity, light, coffee and even heart rates.  After two hours of intense inspiration, a bagel and some water, we started the shooting portion of our day. We began in the hotel suite, moved on to First Presbyterian on Pill Hill, and finished at one of my favorite venues, Sodo Park.

I can’t say enough about the awesomeness of Justin and Mary.  They fill my heart with joy and magically get me to believe that anything really is possible, it’s a gift really.  They help me remember this single powerful truth: You can, and will, have the life you want. Believe, Believe, Believe. Then just do it.  No excuses.

I already can’t wait until their Spread The Love tour swings back around Seattle next year, for I will be there with bells on and hopefully just that much closer to this dream of mine.  I hope you enjoy some of my pics from this epic day as much as I enjoyed shooting them.