kitsap memorial state park wedding

Let me just take a moment to say that this wedding post has been a long time coming, so much so that these two lovebirds just recently announced that they’re going to be having a baby!  So, before that kiddo arrives I thought perhaps I should share Baby Larson’s mammas’ wedding with the world!  Late last August, just before leaving for my bestie’s wedding in Italy, I was honored to share in THE most lovely and heartfelt Kitsap Memorial State Park wedding.  Molly and Angie were married in rustic fashion, right in the middle of the forest surrounded by some of the kindest, fun, and most welcoming people I’ve had the chance to meet. While some choose to read a selected passage or two during the ceremony, their friends Porter and Kyle read the entire book Oh, The Places You’ll Go! And it was completely magical.

The fact at this point is that there is no way that I could possibly weave all of the other fantastic moments and beautiful elements from their day together in a cohesive and well written blog post. Knowing this, I’ve decided to simply list some of my favorite things below and then let their photos do the talking (which is sorta my thing, so let’s go with that). Here we go:

LOVED their simply AMAZING band, The Side Project!

LOVED the cutest little flowergirl (Anna) and ringbearer (Dominic)

LOVED Angie and Molly’s first dance to Songbird.

LOVED the Single Ladies dance, done in full, by their friend who is a trained ballet dancer.

LOVED the fantastic food courtesy of the talented Miss Candis Outson, who is a vegetarian herself but flipped burgers like a BOSS!

LOVED their friend Frankie’s yummy and adorable carrot wedding cake!

LOVED s’mores and beer by the firelight at an after-party bonfire.

LOVED the post-wedding human pyramid with Molly on top. 🙂

LOVED walking down to the beach at the very end of the night to see the bioluminescent algae

There are so many other great things to say about this couple and their family and friends and their perfect day, but for now let me just say that I love these two crazy cat ladies with all my heart and am so thankful for having them in my life!! Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy, I cannot wait to see what more amazing things life has in store for you both!!  xoxo, Amy