In honor of the fabulous holiday that is Halloween (only second to Christmas in my book), I waited to post this fun engagement shoot from earlier in the month with the charming Jason and my self-proclaimed bride-twin, Anna.  I adore these two, who are the first in a string of couples this month who began their session at a bar, a trend I’m really starting to enjoy.  We met up at Buckley’s in Belltown which turns into an insane University of Michigan (Anna and Jason’s alma mater) bar on Saturdays when the Wolverines are playing.  It’s really quite impressive, if you’re an alumni and for some reason did not know about this, I highly suggest you get you butt over there this weekend. You can thank me later.

After much key jingling, flag waving, and general ballyhoo, we were off to their Queen Anne apartment to goof around with their adorable tiger, or rather tabby, Magglio Ordonez, and do a little pumpkin carving!  🙂 I love engagement sessions that 1.) allow me to shoot fun stuff 2.) participate in said “fun stuff” and 3.) play with cats.  So needless to say, I hit the trifecta.  I even got to share their super cool specialized pumpkin carving tools.  AND these guys are AWESOME.  Seriously, you just can’t beat that.

Anna and Jason, I have a feeling we’ll be hanging out again soon, you just let me know when the gingerbread houses are being decorated and I am SO there for round two.