Now who can resist a little 2Pac reference when it presents itself so clearly?  Oh, in case I forget, Annie and Danny were married at Inglewood Gold Club in Juanita. Hence my 90’s rap reference.

The first time I met Annie, for our bridal consult, was at Starbucks.  We talked for two straight hours before realizing at the end of the conversation that we should probably spend little time talking about her wedding. Annie is a very good friend of my cousin’s very good friend, Gretchen.  What I didn’t know is that vicariously that makes her my very best friend.

I didn’t actually get to meet Danny until the rehearsal a couple nights before the wedding.  I had been told by Annie that he was not a smiler.  This was sorta funny to me because Annie is a uber-smiler and I just couldn’t picture her groom stone-faced while she was cheesing in all the photos.  So I braced myself for a difficult groom and was instead plesantly surprised with not just one but a whole party of goof-offs.

To be honest, while Annie is super laid back and fun, I thought this wedding may be a tough one for me.  I had just shot Cassie and Matt’s wedding the day before and had the image of a grumpy groom imbedded in my skull from their rehearsal two days before.  I was of course delighted to be met with great family, a fun wedding party, and a very no-nonsense bride and groom.  I had a wonderful time, devoured some fabulous food, danced a bit myself, and left the night with more than one smiley Danny photo.  Now that is a good wedding.

Annie and Danny, you were all about getting the party started and for that, I thank you.  🙂

Let’s party again soon,