Willows Lodge Wedding

I’m a bit shocked with how long it’s taken me to post this completely gorgeous wedding from last Summer. But, Hey! It’s officially #ThrowbackThursday today right? So let’s get to it!

Anoush and Jason were married at the always lovely Willows Lodge here in Woodinville. I’ll admit, I love weddings close to home, and when they include a couple like these two it makes for an even more awesome day. From the start I adored Jason and Anoush. Really, anyone who spends five minutes with them can attest to the love they share; it’s palpable. Like, seriously, it radiates from them like the warmth and happiness that emits from fresh clothes straight from a hot dryer. Like pure, concentrated comfort.  So of course I knew the wedding would be wonderful. Everything was a wonderful combination of Anoush’s Armenian heritage and Jason’s own Midwest traditions.  I loved the hand-painted rock escort cards (created by Anoush and her bridesmaids) as well as the unique tree seedling favors. Their ceremony was presided over by one of my favorite officiants, the ever-amazing Annemarie Juhlian, who always brings so much love and meaning and wholeness to her ceremonies. Needless to say, Anoush and Jason’s ceremony was no different and after tears and laughter and lightness, the two became one, kissed, and walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. The reception was no different- filled with hilarious and touchingly heartfelt toasts, a great slideshow, and some beautifully AMAZING dancing.  I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten to know this fine couple over the past year and honored that they trusted us to capture this wonderful day.  Best wishes to Anoush, Jason, and their fantastic families!!  xo, Amy

Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_002Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_003Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_004Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_005Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_006Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_007willows lodge weddingWillows Lodge WeddingWillows Lodge WeddingWillows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_011Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_012Willows Lodge WeddingWillows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_014Willows Lodge WeddingWillows Lodge WeddingWillows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_017Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_018Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_019Willows Lodge WeddingWillows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_021Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_023Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_024Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_025Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_026Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_027Willows Lodge WeddingWillows Lodge WeddingWillows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_030Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_031Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_032Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_033Willows Lodge WeddingWillows Lodge WeddingWillows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_036Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_037Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_038Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_039Willows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_040Willows Lodge WeddingWillows_Lodge_Wedding_Muellers_Soper_Photography_042


Willows Lodge Wedding | Full vendor list:

Venue: Willows Lodge

Planner: Erin Laccinole with Willows Lodge

Ceremony Guitarist: Julian Catford

DJ: David Sader with Absolute Music

Florist: Laurel’s Floral Decor

Officiant: Annemarie Juhlian

Photography: Amelia Soper Photography

Cake: Creative Cake Designs

Dress Designer: Enzoani

Hair/Makeup: Kathy Evans Beauty Studio (hair by Natalie, makeup by Kathy)

Catering: Barking Frog

Painted Rock Escort Cards + Tree Seedlings: Created by the couple with help from the wedding party