OK. In the interest of full disclosure, while visiting Wales we didn’t actually stay in Wales per se.  We actually stayed in Oswestry, a little town in Shropeshire, England which sits on the border.  Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.  Most of our travels were in Wales and that’s where all the sheep were, so there you go.  Now on with my random, yet fond memories…

1.   Taking photos in the pouring rain
2.   Cocoa at Kate’s coffee stand
3.   Quiz night with the locals at Fox Inn
4.   Color-coded sheep
5.   Checking out the numpties at Wetherspoon’s
6.   Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall
7.   Lake Vyrnwy and a town under water
8.   The black sheep and pheasants at Chirk Castle
9.   The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in Trevor, nothing like a little wind at 126 feet.
10.  Pints at The Corn Mill
11.  Bedlingham terriers at Horseshoe Pass
12.  Climbing a rock wall after a night a drinking. Don’t ask because I don’t know.
13.  A horrible open mic night at Yales, with one shining star.
14.  Imbibing new beers- Ginger beer, Desperado (tequila + beer) and Casteel Cru (champagne + beer)
15.  Adam’s adorable kitty, Chino
16.  The Boyz II Men barbershop.  Seriously, how awesome is that?