Some of you may recognize Andy and Brian from their ceremony back in 2010, you may even remember their cat Alex from their engagement photos, but who you probably don’t recognize (and who I’m proud to introduce you to) is their new edition, Dominic!  Andy and Brian adopted little Dominic at birth just over a month ago and I was fortunate enough to meet this little pumpkin when he was about two weeks old.  I’m so excited for their growing family and to watch this little one grow.  If you are interested in adoption, I highly recommend checking out Andy and Brian’s Adoption Journal they kept while going through the process.  It is extremely interesting and quite informative for anyone, but especially helpful for same-sex couples.  I have such respect and love for these guys and am so excited that they’ll be sharing all of their awesomeness with a new generation!!  xoxo, Amy

Newborn Adoption Photography