I love catching up with Sam and her family everything we have another photo shoot but this month was especially special. Because LOOK AT THIS KID!!! Seriously, how cute is Jack? All the rolls! We’d originally planned for our next session to be at Jack’s one year mark, but Sam knew she’d regret not capturing this adorable chunky phase. This worked out great because I’ve come to believe that this is actually very best time for baby photos! 6-month-olds seem to have all the smiles and rarely any of the suspicion that they acquire by the time they’re a year old. And this kiddo didn’t disappoint- just look at that squishy little grin, such a love!  Luke even sat still enough for a few pics with his brother (because mini chocolate chips are magic) and Willy the pug graced us with his presence as well.  It’s always a joy catching up with this family and I always look forward to our next session. xx, Amy