JolokaiBlog_101Happy 2015!  I simply cannot think of a better way to start of the blog for the new year than with this wonderful family and these two especially adorable newborn twins!  Logan and Cade were born about a month ago and after hanging in the NICU for three long weeks, they finally got to make the trek home just before Christmas.  I love catching up with past wedding clients and this is the best reason I can think of to do that.  🙂 These two snugglebugs were such a joy and so patient with their parents and I while we stripped them down and moved them from photo op to photo op.  I’m so happy for Nick and Krystina and wish them lots of luck (and patience) in the years to come.  I have a feeling these two charmers are going to be a handful! Thanks so much for having me over to share in the joy of your quickly growing family. I can’t wait to watch them grow and look forward to our next meet up!  xo, Amy

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