dairyland wedding

Wow, I’m clearly crazy-far behind with my blog posts as my most favorite wedding from 2017 was nearly 7 months ago and I’m just sharing it here today. Yikes! I honestly loved all of my weddings from last year, but there are several reasons this one was at the top of the list.

Seven years ago the wonderful duo of Emily and Aaron asked me to be the photographer for their intimate courthouse wedding.  Little did I know that that wedding would be the beginning of not only several amazing friendships, but also the first of four epic weddings I would shoot. The most recent of those weddings being the one you’re about to experience. There’s something extra special about photographing a wedding filled so many of the most compassionate, caring, goofy and fun humans you know. I’m honored that Caity and Paul call me not only their photographer but also their friend. To know Caity, you’d be shocked if her wedding didn’t include rainbows, glitter and unicorns and it certainly did not disappoint. OK, so her onesie was a dragon, not a unicorn, I think we can give a pass on that one. I’d been looking forward to this wedding all year and it did not disappoint. Paul and Caitlin are seriously two of the most wonderful people you could meet- kind, accepting, generous, funny and plenty goofy. AND as a total bonus, in what seems like an unfairly-weighted cosmic mix up, they’re also both wildly attractive. I mean, seriously, universe, leave something for the rest of us why don’t you?

These two created the most fun wedding atmosphere with all the tables named for animals (including my favorite- Jeff Goldblum), rainbow lighting, a super fun dance party (courtesy of the incomparable Disco Vinnie) and a bunch of my all time favorite humans included in their wedding party. Not even the rain could dampen this day, as these two just rolled with the punches and simply took advantage of all the romance that the rain brings with it. I could seriously go on and on and on and on… about this magical day, but the photos always seem to tell the story better than I can, so let’s get to it. I apologize in advance for the gratuitous number of photos of beautiful people; that’s just what they look like and I can’t do anything about it. I love you bunches, Caity and Paul (and Emily and Aaron and Em and Ash and Abe and Robyn)!!!! xx, Amy

{Full Vendor List} Venue: Dairyland // DJ/MC: DJ Discoe Vinnie // Caitlin’s ring: Greenlake Jewelry Works // Paul’s Ring: Jared // Wedding Gown: LaineeMeg Bridal //Sparkle heels: Kate Spade // Sequin sneakers: Aldo // Floral: Snohomish Flower Company // Catering: Island Girl Catering // Assistant Photographer and Energy Producer: Bronwen Houck // Photography: Amelia Soper Photography