Well, as they say, better late than never! Carli and Tiffany were married in 2014 (2014!!!) and I embarrassingly just noticed that I never posted a blog for them, which I’m sure I was planning to do at the time before life got in the way. Two and half years late, but here we go! These lovely ladies got ready and had their first look at the Westin downtown. Carli had no idea that Tiffany had chosen to wear a dress for their ceremony and you can see the delight on Carli’s face; this is still one of my favorite first looks ever. The ceremony was held at a little park, just outside of the Fremont Public Library. Carli’s mother handmade dozens of adorable cushions to make the cement seating area more comfortable and guests quenched their thirst with mason jars of strawberry lemonade, each with its own custom tag representing parts of the couples’ life together. The ceremony was brief and tear-filled, after which everyone join together at El Camino for a super yummy Mexican dinner. After dinner, Carli helped Tiffany change into a stunning (and a bit more comforable) three-piece suit and they headed up to join their guests on the roof of their very own apartment building where everyone ate, drank, danced and partied until dark.  It was such a fun day, one that I still remember vividly nearly 3 years later. This beautiful couple has since moved to Bellingham, but I hope our paths cross again soon. xx, Amy