Carnation Farms Wedding

Hello blog friends!

First of all, thank you for your patience as I migrate my blog over to my new website. You’ve likely seen different image sizes and have perhaps been getting old posts resent, super sorry about that one, but everything is finally settling in and after this post, I think most of the bugs will have been worked out.  I know it seems like forever since I last posted a wedding and, let’s be honest, I think if you’re here it’s more likely to see the photos and less so to read my drawn-out, rambly banter.  Or maybe I’m wrong, who knows. In any case, for the next several posts (at least until I catch up!) we’re going to try something new. I’m going to try keeping my chatter to a minimum and stick to the heart of it- the photography and details of the wonderful people and events that I am honored to capture.

Now then, today we begin with a truly unique and magical day: Chloe and Lauren’s rustic Carnation Farms wedding.  This was the first wedding held across from the main Carnation Farms acreage in their certified organic working garden, where Lauren works. She actually grew just about everything that was prepared by their caterers! So, if at this point you’re not already skipping ahead to see this amazing event, then let me toss out a few more points to really seal the deal: There were adorable farm cats, Lauren’s suit was custom tailored and the back of her vest was made from her mother’s wedding gown, at the end of the ceremony, the brides led all of their guests in a parade to the reception while everyone sang Octopus’s Garden and played kazoos, oh and not only did Lauren grow their food, Chloe made their wedding bands. #micdrop

Enjoy. xx, Amy

{Full Vendor List} Venue: Carnation Farms // Hair & Makeup: Victoria Kieburtz & Celeste Rose // Lauren’s AMAZING custom suit: Trillium Custom Tailoring and Design // Chloe’s dress: BHLDN // Wedding Favors: Honey by Urban Bee Company and Chocolates by Victorious Chocolate // Cake + Desserts: Thea Wolfe // Wedding rings: Chloe MADE them!! // Band: Casual Bowtie // Farm cats: Simone & Leaf // Photography: Amelia Soper Photography // Special Wedding Shout Out: Rosy Smit for all of her amazing help pulling this amazing day together.