Merion Tribute House Wedding Fair warning: you may want get comfortable, this is another one of my overly chatty (and super duper photo-heavy) posts…

Typically in these wedding posts I like to talk about the wedding day; the pretty things it involved, and the fun things that happened. And that’s totally what I was going to do today.  But then I started typing and all wanted to talk about was love. Just Love. You can see all of the pretty and all of the fun in the photos below, but today I’m talking about love. The love these two have for each other and the love they share with their family and friends.

The entire trip the one question I was asked most was, “So, how do you know Lumina?” When getting to know the photographer from Washington that their friend brought to Philadelphia for their wedding, that’s a good place to start. Lumina and I go way back, but to exactly where and when neither of us are 100% sure. We just have one of those friendships; we were friends of friends, we met in college, no it was a bar, no it was a bar in college… Of course the truth is it doesn’t really matter. All I know is that I am incredibly grateful that she and her fiance, Chris, wanted me to fly across the country to capture their wedding day.  I love destination weddings, but I especially love destination weddings of friends.  Especially friends with more awesome friends (they tend to run in packs, you know). From the minute that Chris picked me up at the airport (actually from the minute I met Lumina’s brother Damon and their friend AJ at the American Airlines gate at Seatac) I felt welcome.  Before arriving in Pennsylvania, I knew two other guests and by noon the day after the wedding, I was sightseeing with some of the raddest “strangers” you’d ever hope to meet.  I mention this because all of these incredibly welcoming and loving humans are the true testament to what wonderful people Chris and Lumina are. This is the company they keep; the mom who checked in with me throughout the wedding day, just in case I needed anything, the bridemaids who always made sure I had water when I needed it, the officiant who was the first to hand me a beer the minute my wedding day coverage was done, the friend who paid for my late-night snacks. And of course Lumina and Chris; you two leave me a bit speechless, which is incredibly tough to do. You two worked so hard and did such an amazing job creating this warm and friendly environment for all of your guests. From goody bags at check-in, to informative walking tours of the city, to billiards and fireworks- you did it all, not only to celebrate your love for each other, but also your love for all of your family and guests.

And for those of you who weren’t there and want to hear about some of the awesome stuff that happened, let me sum it up: Lumina wore her mother’s wedding dress- she was stunning. The boys played Frisbee in their tuxes. Chris and Lumina practiced their first dance while we traipsed about in 90 degree heat for their portraits. Chris came down the aisle to the Rocky theme song (hence the punching…) and his incredible 92 year old aunt was their “Flower Queen”. There were a few raindrops during the ceremony, just enough for good luck. Lumina and her brother Damon lit a candle during the ceremony for her parents and I might have cried just a little. They danced their first dance to That’s Amoré and had everyone sing along. During Chris’s brother’s toast, we learned about the birdman (if you’re confused, there are photos).  Lumina and Chris played a hilarious shoe game, which I’m pretty sure ended in a tie. There was a bouquet toss from a stone balcony and a garter toss on a Frisbee and we all learned the lyrics to On The Way To Cape May, which you can also learn if you skip to the end of this post. And to cap it off, at the end of the night, drunk on awesomeness, we were all chauffeured back to the hotel in a traditional yellow school bus.  Everyone laughed and smiled A LOT.  Like, a lot. Especially me.

Thank you, Lumina and Chris, for creating such an amazing experience for your friends and family; what an absolutely perfect way to begin your married lives together. I love you both and can’t wait to see you back in Seattle very soon!  xx, Amy

Merion tribute House WeddingMerion Tribute House WeddingMerion Tribute House Wedding

On The Way To Cape May

You looked so very pretty
When we met in Ocean City
Like someone oh so easy to adore
I sang this little ditty
On our way through Ocean City
Heading south along the Jersey shore

On the way to Cape May
I fell in love with you
On the way to Cape May
I saw my dreams come true

I was taken by your smile
As we drifted through Sea Isle
My heart was gone
When we reached Avalon

On the way to Cape May
Stone Harbor skies were blue
We were naming the day
When Wild Wood came in view

If you’re gonna be my spouse
We better head for that courthouse
On the way to Cape May
On the way to Cape May