JacobsonBlog_001This past May I photographed my very first morning wedding.  I’d never shot a 10am wedding before and I can’t think of a couple I would have rather brunched with. I met these two serendipitously after getting to know a wedding photographer from the other Washington (DC) through a mutual facebook group.  Andrea, one of the very talented photographers behind The Observatory, had a brother in Washington who was getting married.  So low and behold, after meeting Steve and Diana and (of course) adoring them both, bada-bing-bada-boom, *spoiler alert* I had the honor of shooting their delightfully nautical wedding on Lake Union aboard the historical Virginia V Steamship.    It was a simple and sweet affair, complete with colorful umbrellas, stunning bouquets by Fiori Floral, and a pair of fantastic Seahawks cufflinks, which culminated with heartfelt vows spoken at the ship’s bow amidst their closest family and friends.  After the ceremony, guests retired to the ship’s interior for a tasty brunch (catered by the awesome Two Tartes Cafe) of scones, frittatas, and parfaits while toasting mimosas and champagne to the charming newlyweds.  Thank you so much to Diana and Steve for sharing you wonderful day with me. Your wedding goes to show that sometimes the smallest and simplest of weddings are the most absolutely darling. Much love to you both!! xo, A

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