The Perfect Wedding Earrings?


OK, you guys know that I’m not about selling anything, like seriously, I’m a terrible “sales person” because I have a hard time getting excited about something I’m not actually excited about, and isn’t that kinda the deal with “sales people”? However, a few weeks ago I was contacted by a jeweler in California called Anjolee and asked to take a pair of their gorgeous earrings for a spin and to tell you guys what I thought of them, good or bad. I’ll be honest, I was wary. But then I looked over their site and not only was it completely legit, but I really loved a lot of the styles they were offering (especially their drop earrings) and thought you all might want to take a peek for yourselves.  I was told I could try just about any of the styles they offered (which is a TON) and while I really loved some of their more extravagant wedding-type earrings, in the end I settled on these sweet little trillium diamond drops since I wanted something I could wear everyday if I liked them.  I received the earrings in the mail about two weeks later (signature required, which was nice since it’s never fun to get something pretty stolen off your doorstep). When I opened the package, the earrings already felt special, as they came nestled in a darling wooden jewelry box with a little LED light that shines on them when you open it. Nice touch for sure. I’ve now been wearing these earrings for the past week or so and they’ve quickly become my go-to pair. The quality is amazing; they have a sturdy hinge that makes me feel secure wearing them- I’ve always been a fan of lever-back earrings because they don’t poke you like straight-backs do, which is nice when you want to take an impromptu midday nap. I’ve actually slept with them in a couple of times, simply because they were so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them. Personally, depending on your style, I think these little beauties would still be perfect for your wedding day, especially since you can also wear them everyday after! These gems go day to night, from the gym to happy hour, from tank tops to sequins…which is why I honestly feel like I’ve stumbled upon the perfect wedding earrings! Now, if the earrings I chose are just a little bland for your taste, definitely check out their other drops that go from simple to crazy-extravagant and everything in between. Big thanks to Anjolee for reaching out and sending me these lovely little earrings that have quickly become a wardrobe staple. I also want to mention that while I did get to keep these perfect earrings, I wasn’t paid in anyway or told what to say.  xx, Amy