My absolute favorite description I heard about Dionne and Andrew’s relationship, during their beautiful Skansonia wedding in July, came in the form of her mother’s post-ceremony toast.  “It’s amazing what you can find on Craig’s List these days!”.  Indeed it is.  While I wouldn’t have thought that would be the way to meet your soul mate, Dionne and Andrew definitely proved me wrong.  They may be one in a million, but they are truly perfect for one another, so who knows?  Perhaps Craig’s List deserves a second glance.  🙂

I always love shooting at the Skansonia because it’s so unique and always seems to be quite personal to the couples involved.  The staff is lovely and the food is yummy, and what Seattle couple wouldn’t want to be married on Lake Union with such an amazing view.

Aside from the venue, Dionne and Andrew had so many personalized elements to their wedding.  Her dress, for instance, was made by her mom.  How cool is that?  They had adorable wedding-themed rubber ducky cake toppers and gluten-free cupcakes for Andrew.  I especially loved her fun blue heels (I’m a sucker for colorful wedding shoes!) and their programs which had the ceremony info on one side and doubled as cute signs with sayings like “Hooray!” and “Congrats!” on the back.

Thank you so much to Dionne and Andrew for allowing me to capture and share in their special day, I had a great time and surprisingly made it home without too much of a sunburn.  🙂