Part of being your photographer is helping you come up with a plan for your engagement session.  So, that being said, this is how I roll…


100% + YOU

First of all, the fun thing about engagement sessions are that they can be 100% uniquely you. Your photos will be best (and most authentic) if and when you’re doing something together or you’re enjoying a place that really means something to you as a couple. The more comfortable you are in the location and with the activity, the more comfortable and relaxed you’ll be in front of the camera.  Basically my motto is this- if you’re actually having fun you don’t have the ACT like you’re having fun. And the photos themselves will also be that much more meaningful.  I’d consider sitting down and doing a little brainstorming as to places you both really enjoying being together – the place you met, a bar or coffee shop you like, or maybe an activity you enjoy sharing.

Think outside the box. I’ve had couples do all sorts of things- cook breakfast in their own kitchen, play at the dog park, have beers at the bar they met at, get tattoos together, play around at Goodwill, go hiking, go skiing, visit the aquarium … it’s like Walt Disney said- “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Well, pretty much.

Generally sessions take about 2-3 hours, however that’s completely dependent on what you’d like to do or where you’d like to go for your session. Often I like to meet up for drinks or coffee to start the session so that we’re able to get reacquainted and break the ice a bit before plopping down in front of the camera. Then, I like to plan for enough time to let photos happen naturally (with a bit of direction) rather than having you do a lot of static (unnatural) posing while we’re enjoying your selected location or activity. You can see an assortment of engagement images HERE.

If you get stuck, I find that hopping down the Pinterest rabbit hole (just a bit, don’t get crazy) can really help you narrow down what sort of ideas you like best. Simply searching “outdoor engagement” or “fun engagement photos” can go a long way toward figuring out what’s going to best for you.  Also, being able to show me what types of shots you like (details, wide angle, lots of scenery, kissing, fun moments, jumping, quiet moments, black + white…etc) really helps to ensure that we all completely love your final images.

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