Drum roll please…. It is fair time again!

So here’s the situation. After sitting in front of my computer for the past 15..make that 18… minutes trying desperately to come up with some amazingly descriptive text to convey how charming, fun, and beautiful Erica and Jon are and how much I enjoyed spending the morning with them, I am now beginning to realize that this was one of those shoots that I should just let the photos do the talking.

What I will say is this- After just one meeting and about 3 hours of fair meandering, I completely fell in love with these two. And while I am so incredibly bummed that I am not available to shoot their wedding next year, I am so honored that they wanted me for their engagement photos. Erica is just the sweetest, most adorable person you could meet (Jon, you’re not so bad yourself!) and I was incredibly lucky to have met them.

Congratulation you guys, and best wishes for your wedding and future. I have a feeling this wasn’t our last shoot together.