It’s been way too long since my last post, so I’m just going to hop right into this one…

About a month ago, my dear photog-friend and travelling partner-in-crime, Nichole and I were treated to a beautiful drive up Highway 2.  Destination: Leavenworth.  While this would be the first of two trips we’ll be making this Summer to the adorable bohemian oasis, this particular venture was to the Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort for the beautifully rustic Osborne wedding.

You may remember Erin and Andrew from their fishing-inspired engagement shoot last year.  These two love the outdoors and it was immediately apparent once we arrived that they’d chosen the perfect venue.  The Sleeping Lady Resort takes its name from a local mountain range which appears as the silhouette of a woman sleeping soundly at the Leavenworth skyline.  You can see her behind the couple in the photo above.  Beyond the tranquil beautiful of the resort, the reason I really loved it was the never ending feeling we were at Summer camp.  The smell of pine and woodfire mixed with the sounds of the rushing river and laughter was a constant reminder of a more simple and fun childhood time. We arrived just in time for their rehearsal dinner on Friday.  Filled with lots of great food and wonderful toasts, they ended in true camp-fashion with a good old fashioned s’mores roast.

The wedding day began bright and early with all the usual suspects. Bride, dress, groom, tux, makeup, hair, beautiful bridesmaids, raucous groomsmen, boutonnieres… you know the drill.  After their first look, we took a stroll around the grounds with the fabulous Pete Petrie (who, as all dogs do, stole the show).  A few bridal party pics and a glass of wine or two later, we were all crammed in a limo on the way to the church.

The ceremony was just lovely.  I especially enjoyed the moment when friends and family stood up to give their words of love and well wishes to the couple.  One kiss, a rush down the aisle, some certificate signing, a quick limo ride around the block and a myriad of family pics later, we were all headed back to the Sleeping Lady for a fantabulous party.

There were toasts, there was crying, tons of laughter and quite honestly more than one lump in my throat while hearing all about Erin and Andrew’s crazy life journey to the altar. If you must know, I tend to get very sappy when I’m around two people who are immediately recognizable as soul mates. These two are those two.  Those people you hear about and sigh and they make those ridiculous teen movies about.  Erin and Andrew are that foreverandeverandeverIhavelovedyouallmylife couple.  Meet them once and you’ll know.  Sigh.  OK, where was I?  Oh yes…

The rest of the evening was full of great food, stellar wine, amazing cake, and one of the best wedding bands I’ve ever heard.  Seriously, if you need a band for an awesome time, you must check out the Design Band out of Portland.  SO.MUCH.FUN.  Thank you so much to Erin and Andrew (and of course Pete Petrie).  You treated us like family and we had so much fun sharing such an awesome weekend with everyone.  I can’t wait for our next Salmon bake, just say the word!!