Erin and Sarah were officially married the year prior at the King County Courthouse so instead of having a more traditional ceremony, they opted to make this a fun celebration of their relationship along with their closest friends and family, many of which were from out of town. Several friends came together to help these two create a totally fun and unique experience for Sarah and Erin.  From flowers and raspberry pies to ceremony poetry and pin wheel favors, everyone pitched to help make this day a perfect one.  Their ceremony was held in a small, secluded garden on the Seattle University campus, just a stone’s throw from the apartment these two share. 🙂 They began their ceremony with beautiful meditative tones from a handheld, silver heart chime and proceed with a lovely ring warming as poetry was read.  My favorite part of the day was just after the ceremony when everyone grabbed a pinwheel and made the walk across campus and busy Madison Avenue to their reception venue at Sole Repair.  This was such fun day and I am so thankful to Erin and Sarah and their family and friends for hosting an absolutely fabulous party of love and togetherness.  I can’t wait to hear all about your honeymoon when you return from New Zealand!!! xx, Amy

{Full Vendor List} Venue: Seattle University & Sole Repair // Flowers: friends Levi Velvick & Leigh Hopkins // Makeup: Sara Galloway (Erin’s cousin) // Hair: Victory Hair Studio // Catering: Feed Co Catering // Desserts: Coconut Cream Pies made by Dahlia Bakery & Raspberry pies handmade by Erin’s mom // Favors: Fresh Cherries by Seattle Tilth // Photography: Amelia Soper Photography

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Did we just become best friends?!


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