Last year I donated a pet photography session to One Nurse At A Time‘s inaugural auction.  Side note: this is a fantastic organization and I highly suggest you follow that link to see all the amazing things they’re doing for nurses who want to help with humanitarian efforts all over the world. They’re 2nd annual auction is coming up next month and there are still tickets available! OK, so at last year’s auction several past wedding clients and a few of their friends all pitched in to purchase the donated session.  And today was the day we were finally all able to get together and make this fantastic shit show cacophony of magical madness happen! I always love hanging out with this group, but when the doggies get involved it’s extra fun. Our pups, featured above, left to right: Dodger, Jude, Harley, Stella and Ndizi.  After a crazy morning with the four-legged folk, I also got a chance to pop over to Emily and Ashley’s to photograph their chickens (George, Monica, Rachel and Mrs. Chanandler Bong)!!  All in all, a pretty great day.  Thanks for having me out and I can’t wait for the next one! xx, Ames


Multi dog photo session