Why we think doing a First Look is totally awesome.



You put a lot of time and effort into your personal wedding day look… custom dress, hair, makeup, tux, bow-tie, etc… so understandably you want the moment your partner finally sees you to be special. This is where the First Look comes in. Similar to the moment you walk down the aisle, you are still seeing each other for the first time in all your fanciness; however rather than silently in front of one hundred of your closest friends and family, you’re able to do it privately just for each other. You get the opportunity to tell your partner how fantastic they look and share the moment intimately and authentically, without having to wait until after your 30 minute ceremony. If you’re worried about losing that unique moment you’ll have walking down the aisle, rest assured that moment is still going to happen.

It is simply a completely different moment with an entirely different set of emotions that go along with it. That moment when the music plays and he sees you at the back of the aisle is when everything becomes “real” and is amazing and epic and just as emotional.

Six Fantastic Benefits of doing a first look:

  1. Most importantly, doing a first look allows us to do our job without the restrictions of time. For couples who choose not to see each other pre-ceremony, we will need to conclude family, wedding party, and all of your couple portraits in a 45 -60 minute window after the ceremony because your guests will be anticipating your arrival. This often makes couples feel rushed and can result in unnatural looking photos and previously important photos being scrapped by the couple in the interest of time. I believe that the experience for the couple, wedding party, and guests is much more enjoyable when they are able to relax and take their time.
  2. I hear time after time from couples that, after having this moment to collect themselves and remember that they are indeed in this together, notice any of those crazy pre-ceremony jitters they may have had melt away. Simply put, no one can ease your nerves like your parter can.
  3. Consider this: This is your wedding day and it’s a long one. Many ceremonies don’t begin until later in the afternoon or evening. Waiting until that time to see each other leaves you only a few hours to enjoy your time together, on your wedding day. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy sharing as much time of that time together as possible?
  4. Your hair and makeup fresh are flawless.
  5. We don’t have to play hide & seek with your individual family groupings before the ceremony.
  6. (My favorite) When we’re able to take all of the formal photographs before the ceremony, you, your family, and your guests all get to enjoy the cocktail hour right away, maximizing the amount time you actually get to spend enjoying the awesomeness that is YOUR wedding!

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