I’m pretty excited to get back into pet photography- I mean, there’s not much more fun than spending your afternoon with a puppy. 🙂 A couple of weeks back I got the chance to meet Gatsby.  Gatsby is an adorably floppy 16 week old Rottweiler/Tasmanian Devil mix (OK, that may not be entirely accurate but based on our session I’m willing to accept the possibility) who was adopted by another wedding photographer friend of mine, the ever-charming Julia Kinnunen. Here’s a little more about this sweet boy:

Breed: I’m still fairly certain this kiddo has some Tasmanian devil in him, but officially he’s likely primarily Rottweiler.

Adopted from: Tall Tails Rescue

Favorite toy: his squeaky giraffe friend

Follow him on Instagram: @gatsby.the.great.rottie

OK, that’s enough reading.  I know you’re just here for the puppy… xx, Amy