This wedding’s blog has been quite some time coming… Gayatri and Ryan were married this Summer (Mid-August in fact!) at the beautifully modern Chapel of Saint Ignatius on campus at Seattle University. After getting ready at a friend’s that morning their ceremony went off without a hitch and shortly after the couple and I were off to Marination Station for a midday snack (SOOOO GOOD…run -do not walk- here if you’ve never been) before making our way to their reception at South Seattle Community College’s Brockey Center.  This was a day of fun and joy, dancing and laughter.  Everyone had such an amazing time, including myself and my fantastic photo team (Charissa and Lucas, you ROCK) who found ourselves singing Backstreet Boys to a spoon (let’s call it a microphone) with the bridesmaids in the middle of the dance floor.  This was such a good day.  Enough of my reminiscing, this is what Gayatri has to share about their favorite parts of this epic day-

“We both tell everyone that ‘It was the best wedding we’ve ever been to!’ – This sounds funny but we totally mean it and it’s true – We both were able to enjoy each minute of the day thanks to the amazing blessing of our family and friends, we had many ‘wedding angels’.  It would be impossible to pick parts of the day that were better than others because the entire day was like an amazing puzzle which fit together just right – some of the key pieces were:
– The joy of signing our names and saying I do. Ryan and I both really enjoyed the actually process of getting married. We felt surrounded by love and support and will hold that feeling in our hearts throughout our marriage – we also laughed a lot during the ceremony which was beautiful.
– Our bridal party. They rocked it. A highlight would be that Gayatri was so worried the guys would be late that they ended up being at the church for pictures early and it was the girls who (due to omelet making and mimosas drinking) were actually running behind. Our friends really rallied for us and we could never have had the wedding day we had without each one of them.
– Our parents. We are both so blessed to have amazing parents and they each played a huge role in our day.
– Our flower girls and ring bearer – ok this highlight is Gayatri’s but I’m sure Ryan thought they were cute – Just before I walked down the aisle (and was starting to get pretty nervous) Ari (our little flower girl, dumped the entire basket of flowers over her head and giggled) – It made me laugh and calmed every nerve so I could walk down the aisle with a big smile on my face.
– The music – Ryan gets full credit for this – he vetoed all my crazy music ideas and made the most rockstar music choices – once we handed this list off to Mr. Pat Clark our kick ass DJ he took it from there and created an unforgettable party.
– The BOLLYWOOD dance – which came mid reception as an amazing surprise and highlight – the best gift my little sister could give me – and yes there is a video!
– Our photographer and her entire team were bomb which is key since we spent more time with them than with our parents ; ) (also totally true).
– Oh and our improtu trip to Marination Station!!
Ryan and I were really intentional about who we asked to do what – we brought people in who we knew would make the day more fun for both of us. And make the day less stressful. The only part I would change was almost missing our flight and having to run through Seatac hungover to catch our flight!”


Only months now from that beautiful Summer day, these two are living their amazing new life together in Mumbai, India!  Thanks to facebook, I’ve been able to keep up with their adventures across the globe.  Much love to both of you, I am so grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful day.
xoxo, Amy

Seattle University Wedding