And then came Paris.  Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to come here. Just my luck, four years of high school French, two in college and I could only remember a few somewhat-useful phrases.  I then proceeded to annoy Nichole by sporadically spitting out words I remembered randomly throughout the day, like I had Parisian Tourette’s or something. 

Fun French Fact: Tourette Syndrome was actually diagnosed and classified by French physician and neurologist Georges Albert Édouard Brutus Gilles de la Tourette in 1885.

While our entire 15 day holiday was completely amazing, it was our brief 24 hours in Paris that enchanted me most.  There really is something special about this place. Yes, even with more poop on the sidewalks than I care to remember. For the most part, everyone we met was very pleasant, with the exception of our hotel’s night clerk.  If you want to hear the fantastic tale of  L’idiot et les Gendarmes, give me 30 minutes and drinks are on you. I’ll only quickly comment that the French Police are jerky doo-doo heads.  Ok, enough of this…  let’s get this show on the road.  Here are just a few of my many meandering memories from the City of Lights.

1.    The magic of the Louvre at night, unbelievably breathtaking and completely surreal
2.    Our epic walk from Gare du Nord to beautiful Sacre Couer (seen above)
3.    Meandering through the streets of Paris with a terribly drawn map.  Rick Steves, do us all a favor and stick to writing.  Find yourself a good cartographer and make all of our lives a little easier.  While I enjoyed our misguided wandering through the alleyways of Montmartre, a map’s job is not to take you on the scenic route. Thanks. 
4.    Randomly ending up at Au Marche de la Butte, the grocery from Amélie

5.    Escargot and a 2003 Chateaux Garreau Bordeaux at Bistrot la Grange
6.    The beautiful wall murals by Christian Lacroix at La Bellechasse
7.    Sunset from the Eiffel Tower, the coldest place on Earth
8.    The heavy, ethereal feel of evening mass at Notre Dame
9.    Rushing across town to photograph the last Eiffel Tower light show at midnight
10.  The tiny bar off the Champs Elysees where every TV behind the bar was tuned to Fashion Television
11.  A 20 minute frantic search for the Venus De Milo before having to catch the train back to London
12.  Our first taste of chilled vodka shots with lemon in the lobby of La Bellechasse
13.  The Eiffel Tower’s beautiful light show
14.  The statue of our good friend George Washington at Place d’Iena
15.  French macaroons at Paul before our speedy (daytime) Louvre tour
16.  Taking lots of silly little videos at dinner and along the Seine on our late night walk to the Trocadero
17.  Our quirky English waiter at Bristrot la Grange who named our 12 escargot: Ringo, John, Paul,…
18.  The bustle and madness of Gare du Nord, while crazy it was amazingly simple to navigate
19.  The vision of local artists and cooking crepes in the open store fronts of Montmartre
20.  Lighting a candle for a loved one at Notre Dame.

Paris, I’ll miss you.  Au revoir mon ami, je reviendrai bientôt!

Étreintes et baisers! (xoxo)