Well my friends, wedding season is upon us once again and that means lots of awesome weddings coming up in the next several months (including some oldies-but goodies from last Fall!).  So, today in honor of this auspicious season, I have for you an absolute stunner of a wedding.

Jami and Toby were married a few weeks back in the Dome Room at the crazy-gorgeous Arctic Club Hotel in Seattle.  I knew immediately, even from the planning stage months and months ago, that their wedding day was going to be great.  I met Jami when she was a bridesmaid back in 2012 when photographing one of my favorite wedding couples that year, Julie and Jordan Shaw. She was so fun and charming and I was delighted when she asked me to photograph her wedding this year.  Jami and Toby selected a dream team of  vendors to ensure that their big day was one to remember, including fabulous florals from Anna’s Flowers, tasty cakes by Lisa Dupar, great music from Danny Goldfarb and the organizational talent of Janel Ellefson with Occasions LLC.  One of the best coordinators I’ve had the chance to work with over the years, Janel is a mastermind and knowing she was at the helm I had no doubts we were all in good hands.

There were tons of personal touches that Jami and Toby included to really make the day their own.  They have a sweet saying between one another, “I love you to the moon and back” and this heartfelt sentiment was woven deeply throughout their day.  It was seen atop their wedding cake, on the small box holding a tiny love note from Jami to Toby given just before their first look and is the engraving on the inside Toby’s wedding band. These two also live in Pullman and are Cougars to the core so there were lots of great WSU nods all through the day including Jami’s garter and their mug club mugs direct from The CougNote: If you’re in Pullman and would like to join their mug club this Summer and get one of these kickass mugs of your own, you’re out of luck- Applications were due by May 25.  Better luck next time. I also loved the tiny details that played a part in each of their wedding attire. The pin on Jami’s bouquet was her mom’s sorority badge. Her and Jami are both members of Kappa Alpha Theta. The symbol “AS” on the chain in Greek letters stands for Alpha Sigma, which is the Washington State University chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. She and her mom were both initiated at that chapter, mom in 1978 and Jami in 2003. Their membership is a great bond they share and Jami was so grateful to have her badge on wedding day.  Jami’s ruby engagement ring also has a story- it is an heirloom from Toby’s mom Debbie, and has been passed down through the women on her side of the family. They estimate it is a little over 160 years old! Toby first saw the ring when he was younger when his mom was wearing it. He told her he wanted to give it to his wife someday so she took it off and kept it in the jewelry box. (How sweet is that?!) When Toby was home for Christmas in 2012, he told his parents he was going to propose and his mom got out the ring. The ruby and diamonds are all miners cut and even after all those years,  lots of love and care has kept it looking stunning!  But Jami isn’t the only one with a story in the details.  Toby’s cufflinks were a gift from his Aunt Susan that he received for his college graduation and are a reminder of his service in the United States Marine Corps. They were created by Ann Hand out of Washington D.C. who is well known for her commissioned work and has created jewelry for the First Ladies and United States Presidents!

As I mentioned before, their wedding was held in the hotel’s historic and opulent Dome Room followed by cocktails in the Polar Bar and a tasty buffet dinner accompanied by sweet toasts from Jami’s sister and father, as well as Toby’s brother.  And while I can’t quite remember every word said, I can sum them up for you nicely:  These two are perfection together.  They are the living, breathing definition to all of those quotes we (OK, …girls) pin on Pinterest.  You complete me.  I love you more than bacon. You are the cheese to my macaroni. We go together like Copy and Paste.  Or better yet…

I love you to the moon and back.

Thank you for sharing your lives with us and please move back to Seattle, everyone here misses you.  🙂

xoxo, Amy


Arctic Club Wedding

Venue: The Arctic Club Seattle

Coordinator: Occasions LLC

Flowers: Anna’s Flowers

Cake: Lisa Dupar Catering

DJ: Danny Goldfarb

Photography: Amelia Soper Photography

Officiant: Family friend, Judge Roger Picquet