As promised, this is the second of Mike and Jen’s engagement sessions.

While the weather fares about the same, we now find ourselves in serenely beautiful Waltham St. Lawrence in the English countryside of Berkshire.  We begin our day at the charming Bell Inn and Free House, meeting up with Mike’s parents for a pint and a couple of aptly named Bambi Burgers (venison). I gotta tell you, after cringing at the name, I’m surprised to say I really enjoyed it! Our bellies full, we hopped up and wandered through the Inn and neighboring St. Lawrence Churchyard before getting back on the road and heading over to majestic Windsor Castle for a rousing audio-tour.  🙂 

I cannot express enough how I adore these two.  I mean seriously, just look at them. If they had action figures I’d buy one in every outfit…except perhaps Mankini Mike. You’ll have to ask him about that one. While we only stayed with them for three days of our 15 day European adventure, I felt as if we were with family the entire time. Mike’s parents exuded the same charm and whit they blessed their son with.  They are truly lovely people and I am so incredibly excited to join them all again when we meet up for their wedding in Leavenworth this August. Definitely stay tuned for some fun photos to come.

Thanks again to Jen, Mike, and Mike’s parents for all of your kindness and warmth.  We love you all!!

Now don’t forget to mind the gap…