Hello my dear blog readers!!

Today I’m sharing with you Jenipher and Clyde’s engagement session. This super fun couple is getting married Saturday!  That’s right, in like… five days.  I may or may not be a tad behind on my blogging… but I digress…

I met up with Clyde, Jenipher, and her son Nathan several weeks ago for what was to be a SUPER fun (and water) filled family engagement session in Bellevue.  We started off dry enough at Downtown Bellevue Park for some low key family fun with their new puppy… and then the fountain shenanigans began and it was all downhill from there!  🙂  After a quick pit stop at Starbucks, we were off to the Lake Washington where Nathan somehow got tossed in.  Then, after thinking that it might be fun to return the favor, he quickly learned that you’re never too old to be manhandled by your mother.

Seriously, just look at these guys.  This whole family was so much fun to goof around with, I am SO looking forward to what they have in store for me this weekend!!  Thanks for the fun (and the Cool Lime Refresher) guys, see you Saturday!

xoxo, amy