Hello my dear blog friends!
Today I have for you Jenipher and Clyde’s very sweet Willows Lodge Wedding in Woodinville.  I don’t really have to tell you how crazy in love these two are, it seems to just radiate from them in their photos.  They were married on a gorgeous October Saturday in a lovely outdoor ceremony.  Jenipher was so beautiful in her gown and I can’t get over how cool all the guys looked in their zoot suit inspired jackets and snappy shoes.  These two each brought their own kids into their union and I love how they involved everyone in the ceremony.  During the vows Clyde spoke not only to Jenipher, but also directly to Jenipher’s son Nathan. They also the most fantastic sand ceremony like no other I’d seen where not only Jenipher and Clyde poured their own sand together, but all of their children poured as well.  It was super cool.  After the ceremony, some great toasts, the cutting of their magnificent and tasty jazz-inspired cake, and a little switcheroo bouquet and garter toss (they tossed to the married people, not the single!) they all danced into the night to some great music with lots of love and laughter.
When I asked Clyde what made their story unique, these are the incredibly sweet words he had to say- “There are many people in this world who have been married and are now divorced.  Not many of those people are as lucky as I have been I’ve been truly blessed by God to have an angel sent to me, one who loves me for me and what we are to be come.  I’ve made many mistakes in my lifetime.  Enough for me to believe I would never find such happiness, joy and love again…So what makes our story unique? Easy! One word: Jenipher.”
A big thanks and much love go out to Clyde and Jenipher for sharing their beautiful day with us, I am so happy to have been there to capture it!!  xoxo, a