Will + Jenna

seattle engagement

P I O N E E R   S Q U A R E   &

G A S W O R K S   P A R K   E N G A G E M E N T

First of all, can you EVEN with these two?? Seriously, how gorgeous are Jenna and Will together?  Sunday we met up in Pioneer Square for part one of their engagement session and I could not get over how stunning Jenna’s dress was. I love a fancy engagement! We started out at King Street Station and made our way through Occidental Park to Lady Yum for a quick bite and some couch snuggles. From there we were off to our second location: Gasworks Park, the perfect spot to wait for that golden evening light. I wasn’t sure how the weather was going to pan out that day after such a grey morning, but the weather man certainly delivered. Spending just a couple of hours with these two already has me so excited for their wedding day this Summer and what’s sure to be an incredible party.  xx, Amy