Today you’re in for a treat.  🙂

Please join me for Joey and Ben’s beautiful Seattle wedding, quite possibly one of the most elegantly styled weddings I’ve attended.  Everything was just so effortlessly picture perfect.  From the cool blue walls of the Arctic Hotel to the warm cream roses that made up their table settings and bouquets, Joey and Ben made sure that every detail was taken care of.

When I asked them to tell me about the things they loved most about their day, they said “We couldn’t possibly choose just a few things that we loved most. Getting dressed up, hopping into fire trucks, celebrating with our friends and family, and being done with planning and preparation were all great.  And, of course, we loved each other most.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.”  Well, I’d certainly have to agree.

Their wedding day was just so much fun.  We began at the Arctic Hotel and then did a little traveling with the bridal party to Pioneer Square and Occidental Park where they happened to be holding an antique fire truck show and Joey and Ben got to sit atop and take in the view. We also checked out the fire station and the Pergola before ending up at the amazingly cool Seattle Public Library.  I’d never had the opportunity to photograph inside before and with this group it was such a treat!!  After the fun about town, we headed back to the hotel for a beautiful ceremony and reception in the epic Dome Room before ending the evening with a row of sparklers for send off.

Thank you so much to Joey and Ben for sharing such a beautiful and special day with us.  We had such a fantastic time hanging out with your friends and families and documenting your gorgeous wedding day. Much love to you both!!