I always love hanging out with Jocelyn and Darren, especially when I get to photograph all of their adorable four-legged kiddos. Late in the Summer we took a stroll around Juanita with (clockwise below) Emma, Pete and Zena.  We had a lovely time shooting and it was a beautiful afternoon, but since we weren’t able to capture their other kiddo while at the park (their cat, Lilly) we made sure to schedule a second session at their home.  Lilly is pretty sure she’s one of the dogs, I mean how could she not being the only cat in a three dog household?  She’s so cute and I have to say that I simply adore her cute little wheezes caused by her deviated septum.  🙂  Thanks to Joce and Darren for yet another fun time, can’t wait for our next happy hour!  Hopefully sooner than later.

xoxo, Ames



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