Today’s wedding: Julie and Jordan’s Januik Winery Wedding in Woodinville.

It’s tough to know how to begin this wedding day post.  Tough to begin because somehow in the middle of wedding planning and engagement photos and boardgames and beer, Julie and Jordan morphed from awesome clients into awesome friends.  So I guess we begin where we usually do, on wedding day morning.

As I entered the bridal suite at the W Hotel and said my hellos, Julie said exactly what I was thinking.  “It’s so weird that today is actually the day.” I mean, we’d skipped past the business of wedding photography quite some time back and were now on to friendship, hadn’t the business already happened?  Indeed, today was the day.  The very reason we’d met up at the dog park so many months ago to discuss the possibility of photography and my dog Rocco had been slightly inappropriate (OK, highly inappropriate) with their dog Houghton.  That was a good day.

Usually at this point I run through the events of the day, but you’ll see them all below.  This post is really more about celebrating an amazing duo, a fantastically matched couple that I’m now proud to call my friends.  A fact that was solidified in my mind when the first thing Jordan asked me after signing his marriage certificate was “What’s Greg up to today?”  A client won’t ask you about your boyfriend immediately following the signing a life-altering legal document, but a friend just might.  🙂

I’ll take a quick pause to point out that this wedding was sort of an all-star cast if you will.  Not only were they at my very favorite venue with the best coordinator (Yay for Emily!), mouth-watering catering, and amazing wines, but they also had my very favorite officiate Annemarie Juhlian there as well.

Anyone present at Januik Winery on that perfect Saturday in July might tell you that these two are soul mates, made for each other, destined.  I’ll tell you that Jordan is the rhinestone-custom-25lb-tiara to Julie’s Gypsy Wedding, that Julie is the maple-cured-bacon to Jordan’s pint of Guinness, and that they both love each other more than a fat kid loves cake.

Love you guys big time and can’t wait for more beer, bacon, and boardgames!!

xoxo, a