This past Sunday I had the joy of spending the afternoon with Julie and Jordan and their adorable dog, Houghton.   We met up at the Kirkland waterfront and tooled around for a bit before heading over to the Wilde Rover for a quick pint and some nachos (they make theirs with potato chips!).  After our brief respite, we were back to the waterfront for some pier-jumping and, dare I say it, a little skipping.  We stopped by their place to grab Houghton and finished our lovely afternoon with an unexpected jump in the lake (well, Houghton, at least).  
Thank to Julie and Jordan for hanging out, I SO enjoyed chatting about The League, Hot-Lava-Monster, and awesome immature things you can do during conference calls.  Love you guys and I am now, even more than ever, looking forward to the fun of your wedding next year!!!!