Once a year I get a rare wedding that is quirky and different and completely awesome.  Lisa and Justin had just such a wedding.  They were married outside at the gorgeous Salish Lodge in a small ceremony of maybe 30 people.  You may remember them from their gamer engagement shoot a few months back.

Everything was tailored to the two of them- from Lisa’s black wrist cuff and dark polish to Justin’s vegan cupcakes (Salish makes them!) and the treasure chest that held their rings.  It was a simple ceremony on a Sunday evening in front of their closest family and friends. My favorite part being after their first kiss when they walked back down the aisle and Lisa spiked her bouquet!

The reception that followed was a three course dinner followed by cupcakes and their first dance.  But these two are not your conventional bride and groom, so why would they have a conventional first dance?  No, instead they started up Kinect Dance Central and treated us all to a tandem dance to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance.  It was awesome!

After lots more Dance Central and plenty of laughs, everyone said their good byes and we followed Justin and Lisa up to their room for a few more fun photos before we said our own good byes.  This was definitely my most unique wedding of the year and certainly one of the most entertaining.  We had such a fantastic time spending the evening with all of you!!!