Meet Kathryn and Brian.

Kathryn and I attended 6th-8th grade together over at Eckstein in North Seattle. While the fine institution that is Nathan Eckstein Middle School is now the home of the majestic Eagles, we both remember that back in the day we were Roadrunners. Seriously, what kind of mascot is that? BTW, congrats to the student body for finally making that change happen. And only a decade too late, thanks a million. I hope you’re catching my sarcasm.

Wait, where was I…? Right.

Kathryn and Brian met me at Seward park (I told you I’d be back here) on a cool overcast day a couple weeks back for a lovely stroll in the woods.I had no idea how beautiful it was in there! Gorgeous green trees, the smell of moss, and tons of bright orange leaves to play in. 🙂

After our stroll, we headed back to their place for some fun photos around their home with their sweet, sweet Vizsla Beaufort and two adorable Rex kitties, Murray and Flemming. They have the coolest house right by the park with awesome artwork and a beautiful backyard oasis that Brian built himself. It’s simply amazing.

I am so completely giddy about shooting their wedding this New Year’s Eve at Sodo Park! It is going to be outstanding! Thanks you guys for climbing in trees, throwing leaves, and blowing dandelion in each other’s faces.  A special thanks to Brian for taking a claw-shot to the face from Murray and continuing on with our shoot like a pro.