Katy + Hannah

Carnation Backyard Wedding

C A R N A T I O N   B A C K Y A R D   W E D D I N G

Venue: Friend’s Private Home // Officiant: Rev. Tessie Mandeville // Flowers: Oxbow Farm (planted for them by their friend Kevin in January)  // Flower Crowns: friends Claire & Phil // Ceremony Arbor: Hannah’s Brother Andy // Catering/Boxed Meals: Homegrown // Cake: Friend Amy Nance // Cupcakes: XO Baked // Hannah’s Lace Sleeveless Dress: Lulu’s // Katy’s Dress: A Modest Choice Bridal // Alterations: Lake Street Tailor //  Rings: Greenlake Jewelers and Hannah’s Grandma Barbie’s Heirloom Jewelry // Videographer: Katy’s Uncle Phil // Photography: Amelia Soper Photography

2020 has been a complete heartbreak, to say the least. All but a handful of my clients have either postponed to next year or cancelled their weddings all together and we’ve all come to realize that nothing will be “normal” about this Summer’s weddings. The rules we need to abide for safety seem to change from week to week and the tightrope my clients and their planners have walked in an attempt to keep any sort of normalcy while adhering to law has been mind-boggling. 

 But weddings are still happening, and I am absolutely loving my couples who are fully (and safely) embracing the awkward times we’re in right now. This brings me to Katy and Hannah. These two had a large wedding all planned out when Covid hit and made the very difficult decision to cancel the entire thing, with the intention of rescheduling to another date. However, as they got closer to their original wedding date they thought, why not? So with close to a week to go, they found a new venue and catering, they found me (yay!!), and their friends and family came together to create this incredible day you see here. As a matter of fact, only their flowers and officiant were kept from the original plan, every other element was a complete pivot and planned in just about a week! 

But the very best thing about this day, other than the fact that these two lovely humans were married, was how safe they made it for their guests. Everyone was socially distant and/or masked up (Katy and Hannah even had custom masks made from their dress material). They had individual boxed meals and cupcakes, a hand sanitizer station, individual cans and bottles for drinking (hello Corona, LOL), and even dancing that was masked and distanced between guests’ and their housemates. It was fun and safe and as absolutely perfect as celebration can be right now. 😉 

Alright, I’ve rambled on long enough, check out Hannah and Katy and see how they held a Covid-19 wedding properly…