Slowly but surely I’m finally getting caught up with all of the beautiful weddings I attended this Summer!
Today we have Katy and Jon’s simply outstanding DIY wedding.  In true Do-It-Yourself fashion, the ceremony and reception were held on the couple’s own property in Gig Harbor.  The chuppah they were married under was crafted by Jon himself from trees grown on the property and vibrant Indian saris from Katy’s own sister’s wedding.  This wedding was a true family affair- their pup, Trail of Cascadia was their ring bearer and daughter Leela was a flower girl along with their niece and their nephew (who adorably fell asleep and was instead walked down the aisle cradled by dad).  During the ceremony, members of their wedding party took turns unwrapping and reading messages written by guests which were tied with twine to river rocks earlier in the day.  The party rolled late into the evening with the help of the talented musical stylings of Hernandez Hideaway, who according to Katy is “the most awesome Klezmer band on this side of the pond”.  Now, for those of you (like me) that have no idea what Klezmer music is, it’s origin is from a musical tradition of the Ashkenazic Jews of Eastern Europe.  If you’re still scratching your head, think funky Gypsy-Baltic with lots of clapping, violin, and coronet.  Basically, just AWESOME.  If you’re looking for a party, I can’t recommend this band enough!  Add to the mix the costumes, scarves, and capes left out by Jon and Katy for guests to wear and what they had was an all-out festival of colors, music, laughter and dancing.  This was by far the most festive, ecclectic, and warm wedding I had all summer.  Much love goes out to this wonderful little family!  Thank you so much for sharing your day with me, I had such a glorious time at your beautiful wedding/festival.
xoxo, Ames
DIY Gig Harbor Wedding
Katy’s Dress & Jon’s Shirt: Wai Ching
Caterer/Linens/Chairs: Snuffins
Car Service: Agate Pass