The most true thing I could possibly say about Kay Kay and Socrates is that they are awesome.  I don’t mean that casually.  I mean, like seriously super awesome. Sweet and kind and crazy creative.  These two simply ROCK.  Now, if you don’t know these two and are thinking that perhaps I’m getting a little overzealous with my affection for them, let me just throw out a few tidbits regarding their beautiful wedding day…

1. Their reception was at the Future of Flight Museum. SO COOL!

2. Kay Kay kicked it in a pair of drool-worthy blood-orange Dolce & Gabbana peep toes the entire day.

3. Socrates rocked a pair kick ass Pumas.  Sneaks on your wedding day? Genius.

4. Socrates surprised his beautiful new wife with a private helicopter ride to their reception.

5. There was a roast pig!

6.  A build-your-own cupcake station, need I say more?

7.  After their ceremony, their bridal party waved their hands in the air (basically like they just didn’t  care) as the couple made their way back down the aisle to Naughty By Nature’s Hip Hop Hooray.

8.  Kay Kay had three wardrobe changes- her wedding dress, her traditional Thai dress, and a sassy reception dress fit for partying.

9. Just look how wicked awesome those bouquets and boutonnieres are!

10. The amazing Fly Six B, one of the hottest dance troops in Japan, danced at their reception (another awesome surprise Soc had in store for Kay Kay and she FLIPPED!)

I told you, awesome.  There was also a dance-off and fabulous food, wonderful people and the coolest bridal party.  Oh, and I cannot forget to mention how stunning their invitations were, made to look like airline tickets, which were thought up by Kay Kay and designed by her fabulous stylist and candlelighter, May Praseuth.  I’m telling you girl, you need to quit your day job and start up a paper design company. Those invites were dope!!  And I am not one to just throw that word around. 

Thanks to Kay Kay and Soc for sharing their amazing day with me, I know I’ve made amazing friends in you two and cannot wait to see what is in store for your very bright future together.

love you guys!!!!