OMG, you’d think Summer was already here.

The last week or so in the Seattle area has been ridiculously gorgeous, so I was super excited to share one of these beautiful days with Krystina and Nick in Everett for their engagement session.  Their adorable pups shared the day- Dozer patiently waiting in the shallows for a ball toss while Belle and Nugget tootled along the beach foraging for anything and everything they shouldn’t be eating.  We soaked up the rays and skipped some stones (Nick had an 8 skip-er!)  I especially love the message-in-a-bottle pics, in honor of Nick’s awesome Canon Beach proposal.

Their wedding is fast approaching in June and I’m getting more and more excited as the days pass, hearing all about their planning got me super amped for the fun day ahead.  After our beach fun time, we stopped in at the Diamond Knot Brewery for some well deserved beers (I’m totally heading back for their Hef soon) and a handful of peanuts, which I simply couldn’t resist using for a fun ring shot.

Mucho thanks to Nick, Krystina, and their three silly little munchkins for sharing a beautiful afternoon at the beach with me. I can’t wait to hang out again next month!

xoxo- A

Everett Engagement Session