… ends up on my blog.

Over Halloween weekend I had the extreme pleasure of heading down to Sin City for Jeff and Leah’s wedding celebrations.  Friday was night golfing, reception party on Saturday, Halloween Sunday, and a quick desert photo shoot Monday (which I’ll post separately) before heading back to the Emerald City.  It was a bit of a whirlwind, so already we know this is going to be a photo-heavy post.

I arrived in Vegas Friday afternoon and was met by Leah’s wonderful sister and brother-in-law who drove me over to Leah and Jeff’s place, told me I’d have the house to myself for the weekend and that I’d be driving the couple’s convertible VW beetle.  Bummer, I know.  Meet us at the golf course this evening, here are the directions, see you there.  That was that.  Tooling around at night in a golf cart with Leah was a blast and I was really great to meet more of the family before the official Great Gatsby-inspired reception the following day.

Saturday morning I got up, made a b-line to Starbucks and after some shopping, a shower, and wardrobe change, headed over to the stunning residence where the reception was being held.  Like I said, the  theme was inspired by The Great Gatsby and Leah pulled out all the stops with her beautiful platinum hair, bright red lipstick, and drop-dead-gorgeous dress.  The entire affair was delightful.  Cocktails by the volleyball sands, sweets by the infinity pool, mashed potato bar (that’s right I said mashed potato bar!) by the tennis courts. There were toasts and a lovely slide show, and everyone stayed deep into the night.

Sunday they had a BBQ for those who were still lazing the day/night away and although that evening was Halloween, I think the previous 48 hours of pure party pretty much zapped the crazy out of everyone because no one wanted to leave.  🙂

So it’s now that I leave you for just a moment to enjoy my first two days in Vegas before I move on to the fun that was Monday.

Back soon…