A few weeks back Liane and Kyle were married in the sweet little town of Port Gamble.  I’ve had such a fun time getting to know these two over the past year.  I photographed Liane’s brother Bryan’s wedding two years ago and had a blast (pouring rain and all!), and I knew that Liane’s wedding would be no different.  These two are such a joy to be around, it’s easy to just get caught up in the fun and forget that you’re actually doing a job.  🙂  Like many of my wedding clients, they met online and now have a sweet How We Met story, as well as a lovely proposal…

“Kyle and I were 25 years old, just a couples of years out of college and getting comfortable in out new grown up lives.  We both weren’t the type to hunt for a dates at a bar and many of our friends were in serious relationships or already married so we both thought it was time to experience dating on the interwebs. Kyle initiated things with a very thoughtful message which grabbed my attention. We exchanged several messages and a few weeks later we finally met in person.  Our first couple of dates were so-so, but as we got to know each other and became more comfortable, we definitely felt there was potential for greatness.  We continued to play Mario Kart together, he introduced me to beer and I introduced him to wine and we gradually fell in love.  In July 2012 while vacationing in Washington DC, he popped the question.  Of course I said yes and in the next 10 months we planned our simple, but elegant themed wedding together.”

Their sweet ceremony was held at Port Gamble’s iconic St. Paul’s Church, such a charming venue with it’s pale blue walls and church bell for the couple to ring.  Following the ceremony, the Kyle and Liane were driven just down the road to the Hood Canal Vista Pavilion as the wedding party followed on foot.   I loved all of the yellow and royal blue details, along with the chocolate covered cookies they had for favors.  Their cake was super fun as well, a cupcake tower topped by a huge cupcake cake.  🙂

This was a such a sweet day shared with so many wonderful people.  Big thanks to Liane, Kyle, and their family and friends for sharing an amazing day with me, best wishes for a fantastic future!!

xoxo, Amy


What Liane loves about Kyle:

“Kyle is mini-sized (aka short), but packed full of cuteness and wit.  I don’t think there has been a day that has passed where he hasn’t made me laugh.  He loves me more than I thought I could ever be loved. He is my best friend and I’m so thankful he will be by my side forever.”

What Kyle loves about Liane:

“Liane was simply a profile containing words and some cute pictures a few years ago when I sent her a message on a dating website.   Today, Liane is my beautiful wife who I fell deeply in love with and could not stand to live without.  She’s intelligent, sarcastic and irresistibly cute.  She has a great laugh and sense of humor that challenges me to make her smile and belly-laugh at every opportunity.  She’s my one person audience who never boos my bad jokes and probably laughs too hard at my terrible ones.   I love how much we have in common, and love that she respects my interests, even if she doesn’t share them.   She makes me insanely happy and I am overly excited to share so much together as we grow older.”

Port Gamble Wedding