Seattle Senior Portaits

Those of you who know me know that senior high school portraits are not typically my jam. Like, at all. However, when I was asked by one of my favorite wedding clients to photograph her totally rad daughter, I simply couldn’t say no.  And you know what?  It was awesome. Lilly is the coolest chick around and clearly, the camera loves her. If all senior sessions took place in the gritty alleys and corners of Capitol Hill with this fierce fashion vibe, I might just do them more often. Thanks to Lilly for being such an amazing (and fun!) model and to Candis for trusting me to capture her wonderful personality; you two having me second guessing my ban on senior portraits.  🙂 xx, Ames

Finally, shout out to my favorite cupcake place, Cupcake Royale, for their amazing (and photogenic) Red Velvet cupcakes. Also, to all of the fantastic artists who created the stunning mural art at our last stop- Josh Dall, Denial, Lina Cholewinski, Connie Fu, Bisco and Leoshallat.

Seattle Senior Portraits