Last weekend two of the sweetest, most low-key geeks I know were married in a lovely backyard ceremony in Bremerton. These two are so charming together and I absolutely love how all of their closest friends and family came together to create this incredibly special day for them.  Lane and Lincoln are major gamers and comic book geeks and it was really cool to see how they incorporated that part of their relationship into the wedding- from their “Player 1” and “Player 2” engraved wedding bands to their cake adorned with Falcon and Captain America action figures.  This is such a great reminder that having a small, informal wedding does not negate the ability to make it unique and reflective of your personalities. This is one of the most warm and friendly weddings I’ve ever been too and I know that these two are going to have such a wonderful future together.  Big love to Lincoln and Lane, and I hope you guys are having an amazing time on your Caribbean Honeymoon!!!  xx, Amy